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Everything Fascinating from Gucci’s Cruise 2025 Show

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GUCCI has taken a variety of dramatic directions in recent years and every piece and every thread speaks volumes of its iconic signature design. With the debut of their new Creative Director, Sabato De Sarno, the 2025 Resort Collection brings a whole new energy to the iconic Italian fashion house.

The GUCCI Cruise 2025 Show took place in Tate Modern in London — and it’s not just because it’s a hip venue, but a nod to Sabato De Sarno’s deeply interwoven connection to the city as well as GUCCI’s origins. More than a century ago, Guccio Gucci’s work experience at the Savoy Hotel introduced him to refined tastes and opulence, eventually leading to the birth of the fashion house. This only shows how London is more than just a “place” for GUCCI.

“I owe a lot to this city, it has welcomed and listened to me.”, this is how fondly Sabato De Sarno spoke of London, showing the deep influence of the city on his collection.

GUCCI Cruise 2025

Design Inspirations

Sabato De Sarno wanted to infuse a blend of the past and the present in every piece in his collection. Bow blouses and structured brown jackets bring back the spirit of the 20s and the 30s while sheer dresses and techwear are very 2025. The collection also embraces freedom on a whole new level, with colors looking more intense, textures being more fluid, and layers executed unconventionally.

The traditional dress codes of propriety and decorum seem to be visually overthrown in this collection, serving as a means of provocation. Delicate fabrics like chiffon and lace are juxtaposed with sharp and structured fabrics like leather and gabardine — showing how contrasting elements can create distinctive identities.

The Most Colorful Pieces

GUCCI really knows how to play with its color palette and we have seen how it’s played and done in the previous collections in the past seasons. Sabato De Sarno was able to maintain this masterful layering and pairing of colors, but with his own unique persona, of course.

The sheer pieces are ethereal, not to mention how each fabric emanates a different vibe depending on how they are constructed. An easy example would be the majestic pleated lime green chiffon dress that drapes flawlessly versus the edgy pink organza top and skirt coordinates that are just simply astonishing. There’s also the pastel-colored leather jackets that took street-style outerwear to new heights. 

Modern Casual: Englishness with Italian Accent

British and Italian influences may immensely vary in many forms and aspects, but in terms of fashion, both share one thing — extravagance. This is more than evident in every piece from the collection.

Precise tailoring and tartan patterns are absolutely British, in fact, they serve as a quintessential element not only in British fashion but also culture. This element is reimagined the Italian way — the GUCCI way — through the fashion house's emblem.

The combinations of fashion pieces that we saw on the runway create their own identity. It’s apparent that the artistic and cultural influences play a major role in this distinctive effect. The British and Italian elements truly resonate in many of the pieces from the collection, most particularly plaid coats, leather jackets, and monochromatic black ensembles.

Show-stopping Statement Pieces

As Sabato De Sarno debuted as GUCCI’s new Creative Director, he, without a doubt, came in quite strong in this Cruise 2025 collection. It was actually tasking to choose statement pieces because each model that walked the runway sported very memorable pieces.

The classic Gucci Horsebit leather loafer is immediately a statement piece and it’s proof that a designer piece doesn’t have to speak so loud. The simplicity of the loafers, along with the pair of socks featuring GUCCI’s iconic colors, went uniquely coordinated with a feisty pastel pink fringe bustier dress. This required no further accessory because it’s already a head-turner on its own.

The tropical colors gracing a structured leather coat, knit top, and chiffon pants ensemble, also create a divine fashion statement. We’ll surely see it as a new favorite streetwear outfit, with its contemporary flair mixed with the fashion house’s timeless leather touch.

The Wrap Up

This collection is truly a feast for the eyes and soul. True enough, it spoke fashion in GUCCI’s very own prominent language, open for artistic interpretation. But apart from the stunning and individualistic elements of this collection, the heart and soul of every garment are rooted in the special fashion and cultural marriage of British and Italian influences.

Moreover, the color scheme is fantastic. It’s not just colorful nor just neutrally monochromatic. From dresses to bags, to shoes, the way the colors are executed per fabric and design makes no room for forgettable pieces. Each one has its impact, regardless of how minute the garment or the accessory is.

It truly showcased Sabato De Sarno’s creative insights through a collection that’s so diverse and alive. What a debut fashion show for him, indeed. And for Gucci.

Andrea Centeno, blogwriter for Ellie Belle

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