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CELINE Takes the Modern Parisian Glamour to New Heights in their F/W 2024 Collection

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Model at Celine 2024 F/W Fashion show

When we think of CELINE, we picture its luxurious interlocking double “C” monogram that adorns the fashion house’s most glamorous Parisian pieces. In their recent Fall/Winter 2024 Ready-to-wear collection entitled ‘La Collection de L’arc de Triomphe’, the brand showcased a lineup of tailored pieces, structured coordinates, and minimalist designs that only further establish the fact that even minute details can bring so much opulence.

Hedi Slimane, CELINE’s artistic director, took a major step in curating a selection that not only honors the reputable brand’s iconic origins but also propels it forward into a new era of modernity. No doubt, every garment in the collection proves that true elegance lies in the minutest of details.

The Arc de Triomphe Collection

A Homage to CELINE’s Origins

Way back in 1971, Celine Vipiana found herself amidst the grandeur of Paris. Her car momentarily stalled near the majestic Arc de Triomphe. Interestingly, it was in this serendipitous moment that fate may have intervened as she revealed a hidden treasure in the form of inverted double “C” motifs that adorn the chain links of the arch.

Little did Celine Vipiana know that this chance encounter would incredibly give birth to an emblematic journey for the amazing fashion world. Inspired by this classic Parisian emblem, Celine immortalized the motif as the brand’s iconic logo – a true symbol of elegance, refinement, and class that would no doubt transcend time and trends.

Fast forward to 2018, drawing inspiration from the iconic double “C” monogram as well as the brand’s longstanding connection to the Arc de Triomphe, Hedi Slimane sought to pay homage to CELINE’s origins while pushing the boundaries of modern Parisian glamour.

Embracing the Modern Parisian Glamour

‘La Collection de L’arc de Triomphe’ is not merely an exhibit of certain garments. Primarily, it’s a celebration of heritage and a testament to the enduring allure of Parisian style. Going back to the brand’s founder as well as the golden age of the 1960s, Hedi Slimane decided to recapture the trailblazing spirit of Celine Vipiana.

The runway itself acts as a stage for Slimane’s vision, with much of the collection filmed in the grand mirrored room at La Salle Pleyel in Paris. Moreover, some of the shots capture the very essence of La Maison de la Chimie, Le Musee Bourdelle, and Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs.

As the models strut to the original background music entitled “L’hiver’, a song written, arranged, and performed by Melanie Chedeville and commissioned by Slimane, the ‘La Collection de L’arc de Triomphe’ comes to life – a mesmerizing blend of fashion, art, and storytelling.

Notable Design Details

In a bold shift from the usual sharp tailoring and suiting, Slimane unravels a specialized collection that breaks away from the mainstream. He did not include any pants, and instead, he opted to focus on bags, dresses, and skirts.

We’ve seen that each special piece that he included is no doubt a testament to professional, meticulous craftsmanship, with intricate hand embroidery that lends a premium quality to dresses that are elegantly accompanied by chic accessories.

Slimane’s departure from his signature “Indie Rock” design is quite notable in the collection’s feel. It signifies a divergence from the grunge-inspired florals and snug-fitting denim of previous seasons.

A model walking down CELINE runway

Knee-high boots, thigh-skimming shift dresses, faux fux outerwear, and felt caps are among the noteworthy garments that take center stage, which pay tribute to the retro glamour of Paris in the 1960s. It’s a nostalgic push that’s further foregrounded by matching two-piece sets, mini hemlines, and cropped jackets, all of which are rendered in re-weaved materials.

As the show unfolds, it is quite noticeable that the entire collection holds a special significance for Slimane, who also dedicates it to his mentor and friend, Richard Avedon, who is a visionary photographer celebrated for his revolutionary contributions to fashion photography. 

Spotlight pieces

In the CELINE’s F/W 2024 collection, certain pieces have indeed emerged as the true stars of the event. Among those are the revamped little black dresses that are embellished with pearls and paired with patent Mary Janes for a bit of fun. Let’s not forget the Gen-Z favorite Celine logo baseball hat, the one that received a chic mod-ish upgrade.

Gone are the days of traditional chic when Slimane also introduced mini skirts and cropped jackets that pushed the boundaries of luxury with their daring silhouettes. Each piece gives off an understated elegance – from the fluffy white pouf ball fur coat and knee-high boots to the detailed hand embroidery found in couture pieces.

On top of that, three new bags took center stage in the Triomphe bag collection, which all emerged as the coveted gems of the season. We must say that all of these have captured the hearts of fashion aficionados.

Leading the pack is the “Nino”, a compact top-handled purse, followed by the “Terence”, a sleek shoulder bag, rounding out the trio is the “Garance”, a patent leather masterpiece crossbody bag. Each adorned with the iconic Triomphe emblem, such creations have proven CELINE's timeless appeal and legacy.

Lastly, the show also became a platform for a grand announcement from the house. Marking the arrival of CELINE BEAUTÉ, the first-ever cosmetics line in the reputable brand’s history, the models exhibit the “La Peau Nue” Rose Naturel Lipstick, which is a preview of the upcoming “Le Rouge CELINE” cosmetic collection.

The Wrap Up

As the final curtain falls on the grand CELINE’s F/W 2024 collection, one thing is certain: It’s a triumph of unmatched innovation, timeless craftsmanship, and the enduring allure of Parisian style. From the revamped little black dresses to the playful yet luxurious twists on certain classic accessories, Hedi Slimane’s creative vision shines through up to the smallest details.

With a homage to the past and a clear eye toward the future, the collection, without a doubt, captures the very essence of modern Parisian glamour with effortless finesse. As only CELINE can.

As anticipation builds among fashion enthusiasts worldwide for the next chapter in CELINE’s rich legacy, one thing is always clear: the brand’s steadfast commitment to innovation, excellence, and groundbreaking creativity endures without faltering.

Andrea Centeno, blogwriter for Ellie Belle

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